Open source initiaitve improving Humanitarian Crowdfunding:

Volunteer Community

Beehive is a nonprofit, open source initiative launched by former United Nations staff bringing together humanitarian organizations and tech volunteers to tackle how to improve humanitarian financing and make crowdfunding work for the humanitarian community.

Beehive is supported by a growing network of companies, foundations and individuals.


Open Data Sharing

IATI is an open data sharing framework over 350 humanitarian and development organizations use to report aid activities, transactions and results in comparable detail.

We're is building the architecture required to bring aid activity reporting down to the crowdfunding level and modeling how IATI can power innovative fundraising applications.

Crowdfunding Application

Beehive is building the first crowdfunding application humanitarian organizations can use to fundraise with their aid activity files, informing donors of operational needs emerging in real time.

We believe the best way to improve humanitarian financing is through open collaboration and innovative problem solving. Join us and follow our efforts!