Beehive is an open-source initiative launched by former United Nations staff bringing humanitarian organizations, tech volunteers and supporters together to solve and model how to vastly improve humanitarian crowdfunding.

IATI: Humanitarian organizations share detailed information on aid activities using a standardized reporting framework called IATI. Beehive is turning IATI into a data source capable of powering intelligent crowdfunding applications

Backend Architecture: Beehive is an open source initiative improving humanitarian crowdfunding. We’re building the backend architecture needed to make data-driven humanitarian crowdfunding possible

Applications: We’re developing our own crowdfunding applications solving and modeling how IATI can be effectively employed at the crowdfunding level in innovative ways benefitting organizations and donors

Analysis: We’re also developing analysis showing how IATI data can be processed to enhance situational awareness, trace aid activities, transactions and results and improve coordination between organizations and donors

User Engagement: Beehive is taking responsibility for engaging and helping humanitarian organizations working across crisis zones experiment with using IATI to report their aid actives and needs to the crowd and raise funding for operations

AI: To incentivize and support aid activity reporting, we’re solving how intelligent applications like Siri, OK-Google and Alexa can access and process aid activity data to answer queries about how to help humanitarian organizations

VR: We’re also solving how data can be visually rendered and manipulated in 3D to better understand and track the scope of humanitarian operations and identify how to optimize giving to respond to needs in real-time

Labs: Beehive is organized around teams, projects and labs. Labs bring volunteers together who share similar interests and expertise to carry out research and work on a host of Beehive projects and sub-projects

Community Building: Beehive is bringing stakeholders from across the humanitarian and tech communities together to discuss and work on ways of improving humanitarian crowdfunding

Objectives: Beehive was created to turn improving humanitarian crowdfunding into an open source initiative, modeled on open source initiatives like Linux, Mozilla and Python

Get Involved: Want to partner with Beehive, contribute code or help in other valuable ways? View jobs on Volunteer Match and Breezy or email: (staff at beehive dot ngo)

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