Beehive is a nonprofit open-source initiative launched by former United Nations staff modeled on open-source initiatives like Linux and Python.

Beehive is bringing humanitarian organizations, tech volunteers and supporters together to establish the backend architecture, software frameworks and knowhow that developers need to build next-generation, open-data-driven humanitarian crowdfunding platforms and artificial intelligent applications.

Beehive is focusing on helping developers build, power and scale IATI-data-driven applications. IATI is a an open data sharing framework used by the humanitarian community

Beehive members are setting up an enterprise-grade Humanitarian Exchange Server to give developers a reliable way to plug into IATI and power sophisticated applications

Beehive members are also building an IATI-data-driven crowdfunding platform to generate and test new ideas, software and code others can use to improve their applications

Humanitarian AI is another Beehive project developing datasets to train artificial intelligent applications how to process information openly published by humanitarian actors

MetaDesign, ESRI, Salesforce, Twilio, Atlassian, Database Labs, Wagon, Postico, Skillgravity, Mightybell, Aha, Launcht, Zendesk, Breezy, VolunteerMatch, OnGood, Humanitarian ID, Veridu, Empowerment WORKS, Tableau, Datameer, Feedly and more companies

Beehive is actively recruiting new humanitarian partners, tech volunteers and supporters interested in helping solve and model how to vastly improve humanitarian financing technology at the crowdfunding level.

Visit Volunteer Match to learn more about the Beehive's technical needs.

For general inquiries or to join and get involved, contact: staff (at)